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Premium Barbecue Pellets
Premium Barbecue Pellets

Our Price: $21.00

Product Code: FP46-MG00-MESQ

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There’s a good reason the world’s most respected chefs and BBQ pitmasters cook with wood. From high-temperature searing to low-and-slow smoking, nothing enhances the flavor of your food like 100% natural hardwoods. Available in six delicious flavors.

APPLE Sweet, fruity, smoky flavor. Strongest of the fruit woods. Ideal for pork, poultry, baking, and wild game.

CHERRY Mild, sweet, fruity smoke flavor that gives a rosy tint to lighter meats. Ideal for beef, pork, poultry, baking, and wild game birds.

HICKORY Strong bacon-flavor. Ideal for beef, poultry, pork, and wild game.

MAPLE Very mild, sweet, light smoky flavor. Ideal for pork, ham, cheese, and baking.

MESQUITE Offers a strong, spicy flavor that is distinctive of southwest cooking. Ideal for beef, chicken, fish, and wild game birds.

OAK Mild wood fire flavor that pairs well with beef and fish, is great to use when baking.

  • Made in the USA
    100% natural hardwood
    Engineered for maximum performance, flavor, and efficiency
    Imparts a delicious balance of smoke and flavor
    Produced with NO added oils, fillers, flavors, or other additives